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Here’s a link to a page of some useful sites


Summer 2018


Help is available on the Ryde Chorus page at John Fletcher’s Rehearsal Files


Spring 2017

Haydn: The Seasons

Help available at John Fletcher’s Rehearsal Files

Once logged in search (box on right-hand side) for “seasons”
the third or fourth item will be “Jahreszeiten (HaydnJ) The seasons.”


Christmas Programs

We use “100 Carols for Choirs”
(Willcocks/Rutter OUP)
available from

Here’s a link to the RFMS’s page of the 100 Carols.
I didn’t expect it to work again (K)
 purcell; dido & aeneas

Here’s a page to help you find the choral parts of each of the rehearsal files. For the score, if you would like your own (free) copy.

Ricercar Consort & Collegium Vocale Gent
Conducted by Philippe Pierlot. On YouTube

Spring 2015

Joseph Haydn The Creation oratorio or,

Haydn: The Creation – Learn choral music

 Russell Watson

Here’s a link to some of the songs we’re singing with him on You Tube


Autumn 2014

Once again we are indebted to the wonderful John Fletcher’s site.

Faure: Requiem

But this page has the bases split.

Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria  

new. Gabriel Faure: Cantique de Jean Racine

Cambridge Singers

Here’s a link to a pdf of the score. Download and print.

But this one has pictures! (and rather a lot of pages)

Handel Messiah. John Fletcher again


Habit by Philip Fryer


Sweet and low


Autumn 2014

What’s the theme Philip?, (“What’s the frequency Kenneth?”)

Once again we are indebted to the wonderful John Fletcher’s site.

Faure: Requiem

But this page has the bases split.

Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria  

Habit by Philip Fryer


 Sweet and low



Saturday 28th June 2014

St Mary’s Church Brighstone

Habit by Philip Fryer

Here’s a link to a folder of rehearsal files for Philip’s peice.  Inside you will find a folder of mp3 and one for midi.  Take your pick.

Sweet and low

All of them

Il bianco e dolce cigno         The King’s Singers

And Sumer is… a helpful web-page with attached midis.

Welcome to the spring 2014 concert season

Claudio Monteverdi

Click to take you to a page about Monteverdi and links to help pages.

Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria  

Similar for Vivaldi.

Joe Haydn’s is on its way…

Imperial “Nelson” Mass (Missa in Angustiis)

link to John Fletcher’s Haydn Nelson Page

And in Cyberbase:  Haydn: lord Nelson





2013 Christmas Concert

Messe de Minuit by Charpentier

This link might suit better with a little more verve about it.  It also contains all parts in different formats, Midi, mp3, and scorch (online Sibelius).

Here’s a link to some midi files Minuit-Messe – Learn choral music

Marc-Antoine Charpentier; Wikipedia

and YouTube…

Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Messe de Minuit, Part #1, Moscow 

The little road to Bethlehem (As I walked down the road)

For copyright reasons this page only contains mp3 versions of the parts courtesy of

SATBB+Sop.solo   Unaccompanied



Pieces from 100 Carols for Choirs

Here’s the page that has all the pieces in the 100 carols book

10. All my heart this night rejoices, by Johann Georg Ebeling

June 21st Midsummer Melodies

If Ye love me                        Chatanooga

Innsbruck                              Autumn leaves

Where the Bee Sucks            Lilacs

Pastyme                                      Just The way

Helas, Madame                         In the Mood

Come again                                 Policeman’s Song

New Day

Nightingale sang

Slow Motion Time


  Click the links below… or try ‘youtube’ to search for a particular voice part of a song….. 


open source software that is free and legal and rather good for running MIDI files.  It works a bit like Sibelius but is several hundred pounds cheaper.

Download the software at

Or find the score and many others at

Looking for a score?  Or a facsimile of an original? Try this.

More scores, this time from


And here are the Ave Maria midi files as promised, if a little late.  I hope you will find them helpful.

Mendelssohn: Ave Maria 1st Sop 2nd Sop 1st Alto 2nd Alto 1st Tenor 2nd Tenor 1st Bass 2nd Bass
Parry: I Was Glad 1st Sop 2nd Sop 1st Alto 2nd Alto 1st Tenor 2nd Tenor 1st Bass 2nd Bass

I Was Glad: The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge on You Tube

And the Mendelssohn Te Deum…

 Mendelssohn:    Te Deum


Alto Tenor Bass


And this is a link to another choir site with the schubert

Remember that you can download these files by right clicking and then saving the file.  You can then play them on your phone or ipod.  The world is your oxter as my old dad used to say…

I’m not sure why, but clicking on one of the Ave Maria parts takes you to another page first.  Just click on the link you see there.

Ben was absolutely delighted with the performance of the Parry at the Mottistone memorial service.  He particularly wanted me to thank Ryde Chorus for the contribution made by the choir, forming as it did the backbone of the performance.